Humans are of the original three races of Krynn (being the creation of Gilean). They are representative of neutrality, allowed the greatest deal of freedom with morals and ethics. They are sometimes viewed as impatient by the longer lived races of Krynn. Humans can sway to any alignment, good or evil, and do so regularly. Humans can be classified broadly as civilized and nomadic. Each of these categories has their own views on the other.

Civilized Humans

Civilized humans are the most populous race of people on the continent of Ansalon. They all demonstrate individual differences. Because of their large numbers, they often conflict with other races. They have achieved reasonable peace with these races, however, there are always other humans starting the feuds again.


Nomads are closer to the original human roots than their civilized cousins are. They are thought of as brutes and savages by the city dwelling humans. Nomads are proud of their wilderness survival ability. They don’t speak unnecessarily and are practical in decision making. They are slow to trust but are very loyal to friends. The different tribes of nomads all have different customs of dress, suited to their climate. Nomads are less accepting of other races than the civilized humans are, having a slight respect for elves. They generally allow the individual person to prove themselves, however.


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