Dwarves are industrious, known as crafters and artisans. Many live below ground, but some have moved into foothills. They appear stern for the most part, but are comfortable around friends. They take pride in their beards. They are about 4-5 feet tall. Dwarves are typically not readily friendly to other races. They live in the mountain dwarf kingdoms of Thorbardin and Thoradin, along with scattered communities around the world. Hill dwarves have their own kingdom outside of these. They revere Reorx, whom they believe created them as his chosen.

Mountain Dwarves
According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the mountain dwarves exist largely apart from the rest of the world. They come from the clans of Hylar (The oldest and most noble of the clans.), Daewar (Highly respected clan known for fighting skill.), and Klar (A hill dwarf clan trapped in Thorbardin, used by other mountain dwarves as servants. They are fierce fighters and good friends.)

Hill Dwarves
According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the hill dwarves are dwarves that have left the underground dwarven lands to live in and trade with the world at large. They are described as more accepting of the other races. They all belong to the clan Neidar, which is said to mean “Nearest”, and have a feud with the mountain dwarves, whom they accuse of having blocked them from entering the mountain kingdom after the Cataclysm. The mountain dwarves hold that they did so because if they had let the Neidar in they all would have starved.

Derro Dwarves (Dark Dwarves)
According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the Dark Dwarves are two clans of mountain dwarves who live in total darkness. They are sometimes thought mad, and are generally evil. They contain the Theiwar, extremely fair dwarves who are the only clan to have an interest in magic, and the Daergar, sometimes known as Dewar, who sided with rebels and were banished deep underground. They are also assassins, who specialize in short swords, and daggers.

Aghar Dwarves (Gully Dwarves)
According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the gully dwarves all belong to the loose clan of Aghar. Their accepted history is that they are gnome-dwarf hybrids. They have strong survival instincts, pride, endurance, and a will to live. They are known to be vicious fighters when cornered. They are generally stupid and often hold menial jobs. The highest an average gully dwarf can count is 2, though some have become smart enough to count to 3. They are smaller than normal dwarves. They have no land of their own and live in ruined cities, sewers, and dirty parts of cities. They do not revere Reorx, and have a tribal ancestor worship system. They speak their own guttural language.


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