Draconians, also called dragonmen, are humanoid beings with dragonlike features. They are originally made from the eggs of good dragons corrupted with dark magic. Draconians are split into five principle races; Baaz, Kapak, Sivak, Aurak, and Bozak. There are also noble draconians, which are formed from the eggs of evil dragons, and have a good alignment. There are flame, vapor, lightning, venom, and frost variants.

The Baaz variant of draconians are the most numerous of all the draconian races. They are weak in mind, with a tendency for disreputable activities like drinking. Males are engrossed with their own pleasure and whims, whereas females are better tempered and self controlling. They have brass skin which fades to a greenish color as they age. They originally have an extreme hatred of all races, but in more recent times, this has been diminished to mostly hatred of elves. Baaz turn to stone upon death.

Kapak draconians are stealthy and cunning. They are cruel and succeed in missions of assassination and spying and are born with a copper color that begins to fade over time. They are suited to and like best the ordered military life. The males can be skilled assassins, while the females can use the innate healing abilities of the race in helping others. They are larger than the Baaz variant, and the males have venom glands. The females have healing saliva. Kapaks are comfortable with members of their own race but rarely others. When kapaks die, they turn into acid.

Auraks are rare and mighty draconians who prefer to use magic and their innate abilities over physical fighting. They are tall and slim, and are gold colored, their scales dimming with time. They prefer to be clad in robes. Auraks do not have wings. They are often among their fellow draconians, where they are respected for their power. When an Aurak dies, it turns into a large powerful burst of magical energy.

Bozak draconians are bronze in color. They make use of magic in battle. They are cunning and determined in their ways, with arcane magical ability. They are inherently skilled at leading other draconians. When a Bozak dies, their bones explode.

Sivaks are silver-colored draconians. The males have a shapeshifting ability, and the females a chameleon-like ability to blend in to their surroundings. They are the largest of draconians, reaching up to 9 feet tall, and are noted for large wings capable of flight, the only draconians who can do so. They are generally the strongest and most respected of all draconian races, and despite being partial to alcohol, it does not hamper their fighting prowess. They are known to eat nearly anything. When a male Sivak dies, it takes the form of its killer; when a female dies, it erupts in flame.

Proto-draconian: Traag
An early attempt to create draconians from brass dragon eggs, the traag proto-draconians are predecessors of the baaz, but were considered a failure as they show both cowardice and uncontrolled rage. Thus they were banished to the continent of Taladas


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