D&D 5e Dragon Lance: "The Fallen Star of Ansalon"

A Star Reborn
Adventure Log 1

The party arrives in Floatsam, a dirty pirate town located on the Blood Sea of Istar, where they meet Serail an old wizard of white, who task the party in retrieving an ancient artifact in return of what they most desire.The party then sets sail on Tedak’s ship into the malstorm of the Blood Sea to the ancient ruins of Bael.

The party then fight through a horde of goblins and undead to recover the relic. Taveon the picks up the fallen star signalling the return of the old gods. The party then battles a black dragon that was tasked with gurading the relic.

The party returns to Floatsam to discover Serail has went to Solace for a fishing trip and decide to go after him.


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