D&D 5e Dragon Lance: "The Fallen Star of Ansalon"

The Plight of the North

Adventure Log 3

The Party goes to crossing where they encounter Tedak, who has traveled across the sea in order to ferry refuges across the channel. He agree to take the party to Starport, where they meet Searil’s brother Fizban.

Fizban then brings the party to a battle meeting of the forces of goods generals. There it is revealed that the Evil queen Takhisis has raised an army with a death knight known as Lord Soth leading it. The party is then informed that the Army of the Star intends to hold off the army of undead at Dire Keep. Fizban asks the party to find an ancient text in the mystical tower of Magius believing with it they may be able to use the Fallen star of Ansalon to banish the undead.



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